'New Class': Lily Collins Is The Ass-Kicking Girl Next Door!

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Even nice girls have a mean streak. Take Lily Collins, for instance: the young actress, with credits like the heart-warming "The Blind Side" and the pulse-pounding "Abduction" to her name, is just as likely to bring you baked goods on a bad day as she is to kick bad guy butt when the need arises.

That's why we've bestowed Lily with the title of The Ass-Kicking Girl Next Door as part of the New Class, and we think her resume of past and future credits more than speaks to her sweetheart side and her badass streak. Check out her career highlights past the jump!

Exploring Lily's "Blind Side," Worshipping Her "Priest"

Lily, best known at the time as the daughter of musician Phil Collins, enjoyed her first major feature film breakout role in 2009's "The Blind Side" with an appropriately named character: Collins Tuohy, daughter of tough-minded Tennessee businesswoman Leigh Anne, played to Oscar-winning perfection by Sandra Bullock. Not exactly an "ass-kicking" role, sure, but Collins more than got her licks in with "Priest," the 2011 supernatural action flick about a world overrun with vampires.

Getting Abducted

With the power of "Priest" not far in the rearview mirror, Lily continued on the action track opposite Taylor Lautner in "Abduction," the "Twilight" star's latest action-thriller that borrows similar elements and themes from the "Bourne" franchise. Though the movie didn't have a stellar debut at the box office this weekend, Lily more than proved her weight opposite acting titans including Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver, showing that she has what it takes to swim in the deep end with the big fish.

Mirror, Mirror

It wasn't going to be long before Lily had a franchise all of her own. The first major property she's set to top-line is "Immortals" director Tarsem Singh's currently untitled Snow White picture, which puts the young actress in the titular fairy tale heroine's extremely stylized shoes. With a cast of fellow actors including Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer, not to mention another rival "Snow White" movie just around the bend, Lily's first major franchise appearance is certainly one to keep an eye on.

More "Mortal"

But it's Lily's other major franchise that has most YA-savvy fans champing at the bit. She'll star opposite fellow New Class pal Jamie Campbell Bower in "The Mortal Instruments," taking on the coveted role of average girl turned demon-hunting Shadowhunter Clarissa Fray. The movie hasn't even begun shooting yet, but Lily has been attached to the project for almost two years now, and she regularly keeps her fans posted with status updates on Twitter: @lilyasclaryfray.

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