Patrick Wilson Explains Why You Should Watch His New Show 'A Gifted Man'

Patrick Wilson is one of those actors who could be easy to hate: He's almost too handsome, totally charming and crazy talented. But he's also so darn nice that you can't help but root for him and seek out his work, the latest of which is his new CBS drama, "A Gifted Man."

In the show Wilson plays world-renowned neurosurgeon Michael Holt, whose meticulously organized, privileged life is thrown upside down when he starts seeing and interacting with his recently deceased ex-wife, who for some reason can't move into the afterlife and spends her time trying to teach Michael that life is about more than neurosurgery.

MTV News recently caught up with Wilson to get some insight into what to expect from the show, how he's handling all that medical jargon, and if he's ready for people to treat him like a real-life doctor.

"Each week we're dealing with some type of case," Wilson explained of the show's format. "As the medical side is concerned, you have my office, where the more high-tech, neurosurgery is going on there, head issues. Then a few blocks down where I end up going into work, that is something you see that we can tease because in the pilot I figure out my ex was running this free clinic and eventually I start spending more time there."

Wilson went on to say that he is supported by a great group of actors, and that season one will be about his character's emotional journey.

"We have Jennifer Ehle (Anna Linberg, Michael's ex-wife) and the Emmy award-winning Margo Martindale, there's great group of actors on the show. We'll be able to have a great journey emotionally and as I also learned doing these first six episodes, you dole it out in small doses, how much we're getting into personal lives. My relationship with Margo's character is really special and funny, she sort of keeps me on my toes."

When asked about mastering the complex medical jargon a neurosurgeon uses in his speech on a daily basis, Wilson admitted that it's not easy.

"It is challenging, I'm not going to lie to you. I like to understand what I'm saying, the first part, 'How do I say this word?' Then the second part, what it means. You're rolling through so much medical jargon you have to make a through line, and try to understand what you're doing. It’s been really fun, it’s always been fascinating to me, the small amount of time I've spent in operating rooms, thankfully as a visitor."

And finally, we asked Wilson if he is ready for people to believe he is a doctor and approach him about it in real life.

"[Laughs]. If I can get my suturing better then I'll at least feel pretty good if somebody cuts themselves and we can't get anywhere," he said. "I'll feel like, 'Okay, I've got to do it! Give me a needle and thread.' I'd love to [be able to do it]. I'm working on it."

"A Gifted Man" premieres tonight, September 23 on CBS at 8 p.m.

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