Ed Helms Is New 'Office' Boss: Do You Like Scranton's New Branch Manager?

On Thursday night, "The Office" fans finally learned who would be heading up the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. James Spader's creepy, kooky Robert California would act as CEO and Ed Helms' bumbling, well-meaning Andy is now the new Michael Scott.

Fans learned that after Robert staged a coup and pushed out Kathy Bates' Jo Bennett out as CEO, he then hired Andy to helm Scranton. But, he hasn't gone far. While Andy sits in Michael's old office, Robert does all his work from the conference room. In addition to the shifting power within the department, Jim and Pam are also expecting and the planking trend hit town.

When we spoke to Ed back in May, he danced around talk that he might be the new boss. While we're a bit mad he yelled at us, we want to wish him a big Mazel for getting the job.

So, will Andy be able to fit Michael's shoes? He certainly has the right 'tude. He cares, and he's kind of silly and naïve, but unlike Michael Scott, he's more self-aware and that kind of awareness may help him with his personal relationships within the office.