Kate Bosworth On Making Jack Kerouac's 'Big Sur' Big Screen Friendly

Kristen Stewart fans take note: there's another Jack Kerouac project in the works. Stewart and crew are taking the author's novel "On The Road" to the big screen, while Kate Bosworth and a less tween-friendly cast are going deep into the Kerouac catalogue for their film, an adaptation of his story, "Big Sur."

Expected to be released next year, the film revolves around the author's time spent at his cabin in Big Sur before his death. In addition to Bosworth, it also stars Josh Lucas, Anthony Edwards and Balthazar Getty, to name a few.

When MTV News caught up with Kate at her NYC premiere for "Straw Dogs," she explained why she was so drawn to the project.

"Well I mean I love Kerouac," she said. "'Big Sur' is fascinating. It's quite different from his other material. It's a beast that book and the film felt like a beast to tackle."

The challenge is taking such weighty issues that the story tackles and making them palpable for moviegoers.

"It's his last novel, so he was quite literally killing himself at that point of his life drinking himself to death," she said of the Michael Polish-directed flick. "So it's an account of a man losing his mind and his soul in the woods and documenting it, writing it down. And how do you keep that interesting for a viewing audience? Well that's up to the director, who's brilliant, and I love every second on that movie."

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