Roland Emmerich Sets Sights On JFK Movie 'Happy Birthday Mr. President'

As someone who knows his way around special effects, director Roland Emmerich could be a great candidate to use the digital aging technology that has been used for special effects in films like "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button," "Watchmen" and "X-Men 3."

The subject came up when MTV News caught up with Emmerich at the Toronto Film Festival to talk about his upcoming period thriller, "Anonymous," which employs two sets of actors to play the same roles at different ages. We asked Emmerich if he might be interested in de-aging an actor digitally, or even better/more challenging, bringing one back from the dead, FX re-animator, lost footage style and he revealed he's already at work on a movie that relies heavily on that very technology.

"I am. I'm totally into that," Emmerich admitted. "I have one project which actually tries to do that, but I think we're not there yet. I made some tests that didn't turn out very well, so I think we have to wait another five years."

And what might the mystery project be?

"The title will tell you everything, it's called 'Happy Birthday Mr. President.'"

True to his word about the revealing title, Emmerich admitted the future film would revolve around Marilyn Monroe's famous birthday serenade for President John F. Kennedy, and likely the relationship surrounding it. Emmerich said that the film is a long way away from being made, however, at least until the proper aging technology is mastered.

"Yes, one day, one day," Emmerich said hopefully. "People are kind of courageous to do something like that."

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