'Lion King 3D': Five Scenes To 'Be Prepared' For

The Lion Kingby Uptin Saiidi

Anyone who's ever hummed the melody of “Circle Of Life” or can't escape the image of (spoiler alert?) Mufasa's terrified face after Scar releases him from a cliff to land to his death, should get excited for the release of “Lion King in 3D.” The movie was more than another Disney classic thrown into our childhood. For many of us, it was the first sad film we’d seen that moved us through despair and hope, through faith and love, ultimately teaching us about overcoming hardships and most importantly, our problem-free philosophy, hakuna matata.

What is a film with the title of “best-selling home entertainment movie of all time” supposed to do when they’ve shattered home-sales records? Come back to the big screen, but in 3D, of course! Sure, you're paying the movie theater price for a film you've already seen way too many times and often repeats on basic cable ... but can you really deny the animal kingdom popping out at the screen at you with more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done, to once again, teach you about the circle of life? I think not. Plus, the 3-D experience is much cheaper than the Broadway show, so there’s that!

After the jump, check out the five “Lion King” scenes in 3-D that will take your experience in the animal kingdom to a whole new experience!

1. Rafiki Holds Simba on Display to the Entire Animal Kingdom: You might be tempted to drop your box of Buncha Crunch and retrieve Baby Simba from Rakifi's hands ... but remember he is still a lion and not meant to be domesticated inside your small apartment. Plus he'll need to stay to eventually rescue Pride Rock.

2. Be Prepared: When Scar leaps from cliff to cliff singing to the hyenas amidst the cloudy green smoke … man that still gives me shivers! A shinning new era is tip-toeing nearer indeed!

3. Zazu and Simba: This infamous dance number where we see a naive Simba working on his roar ready to take on the world as he deliberates with Zazu about how great of a king he’d be.

4. Remember Who You Are: Remember when Simba looks in the water and the clouds magically form shaped as Mufasa’s head and he starts talking to his son? I still don't know if this is a dream or real. I'm perfectly fine with talking animals in the middle of Africa and even a rambunctious talking servant parrot named Zazu, but talking clouds, literally goes over my head.

5. Simba and Scar Epic Battle: Once Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala knock some sense into him, Simba returns to Pride Rock and Scar divulges his little secret, the two lions go at it, ultimately going down as one of the most epic battle scenes in cartoon history.

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