J.J. Abrams Beams Up To 'Star Trek 2' Director's Chair

FROM MTV MOVIES: Sometimes, if you wait long enough (and blog hard enough), the universe will hear your cries of anguish and soothe them with a big glass of thirst-quenching Romulan Ale. Or, better yet, provide confirmation that J.J. Abrams has finally committed to directing the "Star Trek" sequel.

Either way, you're pretty psyched.

After indicating that he was still up in the air about directing the anticipated sequel to his wildly successful reboot of the space franchise, New York Magazine's Vulture blog is reporting that Abrams is onboard and that pre-production is under way. Citing unnamed insiders familiar with the "Super 8" director's plans, Vulture reported that the script is expected to be done by month's end and that shooting could begin this winter. Entertainment Weekly confirmed the news on Wednesday (September 14).

Abrams recently finished shooting the fourth "Mission: Impossible" movie, "Ghost Protocol" — which again stars Tom Cruise, along with Ving Rhames, Jeremy Renner, Josh Holloway and Paula Patton — has hedged in the past about whether he would take up another tour on the Enterprise before a killer script was in place. In August, he told Collider, "Once you say, 'We're ready to go, but we don't have a finished script yet,' or, 'I'm directing the thing and here's the release date, but we don't have a finished script,' what starts to happen is that you're suddenly in production on a movie where you're thinking, 'Oh my God, we weren't really ready!' "

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