Exclusive 'Red Lights' Trailer Teases Robert De Niro's Paranormal Activity

Rodrigo Cortés made a big splash last year at the Sundance Film Festival with his Ryan-Reynolds-in-a-coffin-for-90-minutes thriller, "Buried." For his follow-up feature, the Spanish filmmaker is expanding the scope of his big-screen vision, but doesn't seem to have any interest in ramping down the nerve-jangling intensity of his work, as our exclusive debut of the teaser trailer makes clear.

Good call, Mr. Cortés! The teaser is a minimalist affair, with the camera slowly pushing in on star Robert De Niro sitting on a bed. Intermittent slates appear, filled with symbols that gradually reveal text: "No matter what you think you know…no matter what you believe in…the truth is the most dangerous illusion of all." De Niro eventually turns toward the camera and, well, just hit play on the video to check it out for yourself.

Written and direct by Cortés, "Red Lights" stars Sigourney Weaver as a psychologist investigating paranormal activity and the possibility that a famous psychic (De Niro) is in fact a fraud. Cillian Murphy and 2011 Sundance breakout star Elizabeth Olsen costar in the film, which was shot in Spain and is eying a 2012 U.S. release.

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