'Entourage' Series Finale: Possible Movie Plots!

That's it, folks — the show's over. But even though "Entourage" aired its series finale last night, that doesn't mean the boys won't be back in town again sometime soon.

The cast and crew of "Entourage," producer Mark Wahlberg included, have long expressed their desire to bring the exploits of Hollywood star Vincent Chase and his trio of pals from the small screen to the big screen. Now that the show has ended with a finale that offered some closure but still left the door open for future adventures, it's time to start asking: what should the "Entourage" movie be about?

We've got some ideas for possible "Entourage" movie plots after the jump!

Four Men and a Baby

Now that Eric and Sloan have (presumably) reconciled, one imagines that any "Entourage" movie would involve their newborn baby. You know what that means: paging Little E's uncles! At the very least, how could the "Entourage" producers resist the urge to give us Johnny Drama and Turtle's misadventures in Hollywood babysitting?

"Entourage" Gets "Lost"

The finale sees the gang heading out to Paris, France to attend Vince's wedding to journalist Sophia Lear, but what if they never make it to France? What if, instead, their plane crashes on a mysterious island where they're chased around by indigenous hostiles and conniving smoke monsters? Hey, it would make at least as much sense as the "Lost" finale — which is to say, not much!

Behold, Aquaman!

Speaking of movie adaptations, if we're getting big budget cash behind an "Entourage" flick, then there's no excuse for producers to not give us a big budget look at Vinnie Chase as Aquaman. Who cares if he was recast in the show's continuity — this is Hollywood, where casting changes and behind-the-scenes madness are all the rage! Plus, it could be a great cross-marketing opportunity for DC Entertainment to see if anyone would really buy into an "Aquaman" movie… which, sad to say, they probably wouldn't.

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