'Warrior' Director Gavin O'Connor On Film's Ending: 'The Goal Was To Make It Surprising'

Even though it didn't dominate the box office over the weekend, "Warrior" is still a film worth talking about. In addition to the five reasons to see it that I mentioned last week, the film is surprising in all the right ways, one of them being the climactic fight and its outcome.

Without going into spoiler territory, when MTV News caught up with director and co-writer Gavin O'Connor, we asked him how he went about crafting the ending and deciding the fates of the two main characters (played by Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton) - both of whom you are rooting for to win.

"Well without mentioning who does what, one brother needs to win to win, the other brother needs to lose to win," O'Connor explained. "One brother needs to die and be reborn, one brother needs to surrender. The goal was to make it surprising, yet when you think about it, inevitable."

O'Connor also talked about how the film is about much more than fighting and MMA.

"The preconceptions of this movie are, 'Oh, it's mixed martial arts; I don't want to see it,' because on paper [it may seem like one thing], but there's a real artistry to the sport," O'Connor explained. "There's an athleticism to the sport that is at the highest level, and there is a spirituality to the sport that I hope I captured because I recognized it, I felt it. ... In a way, the movie is not a fighting movie. It's not a MMA movie but for that part of the film, for me, it's a love letter to those guys and the sport."

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