Sarah Jessica Parker Time Travels For 'Sex And The City' Sequel (But Not Really)

Much of the recent "Sex and the City" sequel talk has focused on the so-called adaptation of "The Carrie Diaries," but don't be so quick to dismiss a third theatrical outing for Carrie Bradshaw and her merry band of New York socialites!

It just so happens that we've got exclusive intel on what's set to go down when "Sex and the City 3" rolls its way into theaters. And by exclusive intel, we mean, not really. But it's fun to pretend that Carrie and Samantha have to team up with time traveler Rex Powers to go back to the Wild West and rescue Charlotte and Miranda from a time vortex, isn't it?

Check out our latest edition of After Hours for a reading of a scene from the time-displaced "Sex" sequel, starring "I Don't Know How She Does It" co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Greg Kinnear!