EXCLUSIVE 'Hick' Clip: Chloe Moretz And Blake Lively On The Run

Having already demonstrated her ability to "Kick-Ass" as Hit-Girl, Chloe Grace Moretz is out to show a different side of herself in "Hick."

"Hick," directed by Derick Martini, makes its grand debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this coming weekend, offering movie lovers a very different (but no less talented) side of Moretz than you've seen before. If you won't be at Toronto, never fear — we've got an EXCLUSIVE first look at the movie in the video below.

Moretz stars in "Hick" as Luli, a thirteen-year-old Nebraska native living with a particularly shady pair of parents who get drunk and fight like clockwork. The sour dynamic gets particularly rotten when Luli's parents throw down in the middle of her birthday party.

What happens next sends Luli on a journey of self-discovery that brings her out to Las Vegas, along with her new birthday present: a Smith & Wesson .45. From TIFF.net:

Dressed like a girl twice her age, she’s immediately picked up by a wannabe cowboy named Eddie (Eddie Redmayne, a sensational actor on the rise), who walks with a limp and acts a little too crazy for comfort. The two fail to hit it off and Luli is ejected from the car. Luckily, she soon meets Glenda (Blake Lively), a grifter who acts as Luli’s big sister — albeit one who offers her drugs and uses her as an accessory to a robbery. Just as things seem to be going moderately well for Luli, Eddie makes an unwelcome return and becomes increasingly difficult to evade.

In the exclusive clip, you'll get your first look at Chloe, Blake and Eddie in action. The movie's impressive cast list also includes Alec Baldwin, Rory Culkin and Juliette Lewis. "Hick" will be playing at Toronto this Saturday (September 10) and Sunday (September 11), as well as next Friday (September 16).

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