EXCLUSIVE 'Real Steel' Photo Reveals Shawn Levy's Robot Boxing Ring!

You've seen movies about boxing. You've seen movies about robots. But have you seen movies about boxing robots? If not—and chances are good that you haven't—you can fix that sorry mistake in October when "Real Steel" sucker punches its way into theaters!

As part of MTV News' Fall Movie Preview week, we've got an exclusive photo from "Real Steel" for your viewing pleasure today. I also had the chance to chat with director Shawn Levy about the project, which marks a dramatic departure for the filmmaker in more ways than one.

"Comedy has been really good to me, but this was a deliberate departure," he told me of his reasons for shooting the robot boxing movie, which stars Hugh Jackman as a former fighter turned trainer in a world where human boxers have been replaced by cybernetic ones.

"This is the kind of movie that I've been waiting to do," he continued. "When I was editing 'Date Night,' the call came in from ['Real Steel' producers] Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider, and they said, 'We've got this underdog sports movie with boxing robots.' Already when you have [those two] on the other line, you're inclined to nudge towards 'yes.' But I've always loved sports movies, I've always loved that kind of iconic underdog story which sports movies tend to service so well. This was a deliberate step and an exciting chance to stretch some new muscles."

Read the full interview for more of Levy's thoughts on making "Real Steel," including the pretty awesome way that he teamed with a boxing legend to make the robot fight scenes look as authentic as possible.

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