'Star Wars' Fans Plan Blu-Ray Boycott Over George Lucas' Latest Changes

It was the "NOOOOO" heard 'round the world: George Lucas has once again tinkered with the original "Star Wars" recipe, and the fans are not pleased.

In fact, some fans are so mad about George's latest changes — which include the addition of Darth Vader reciting his most famous "Revenge of the Sith" line as he throws Emperor Palpatine to his death in "Return of the Jedi," as well as Ewoks that now blink — that they're calling for a boycott of the saga's upcoming Blu-ray release, reports Deadline.

It's been a controversial week for "Star Wars" fans, no doubt about it, but some people just don't understand the outcry. Our brother blog Splash Page reported yesterday on some reactions from the comic book community, with "Witchblade" writer Ron Marz stating matter-of-factly: "Here's the thing with George Lucas changing his movies. They're HIS movies. He owns them. He can do whatever he wants with them."

But our very own Tami Katzoff argued earlier in the week: "If you think that adding a silly 'nooooo' will somehow satisfy that desire, then go ahead and scratch that itch. But when does it end? When will the films that became such a huge part of my childhood become unrecognizable to me?"

Fans have been citing Lucas' own 1988 Congressional testimony speaking on behalf of film preservation, in which he said: "People who alter or destroy works of art and our cultural heritage for profit or as an exercise of power are barbarians, and if the laws of the United States continue to condone this behavior, history will surely classify us as a barbaric society."

So whose side are you on? Do you believe the George Lucas of today has every right to alter "Star Wars" and deny fans the original versions of the films, or do you side with the Lucas of yesteryear, the man who warned of the "barbaric society" that we'll become if we "alter or destroy works of art," in this case the first-run of the "Star Wars" saga? Make your voice heard in the comments section below and on Twitter!