'Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' Photos: Daniel Craig And Rooney Mara Are On The Hunt

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is easily one of this winter’s most anticipated movies, with a solid cast, internationally known source material, renowned director David Fincher and even the guy behind Nine Inch Nails working on the score (Trent Reznor, natch).

Fortunately, with today's trio of new "Dragon Tattoo" photos, you won’t have to wait until December 26 to get a better look at the film. Stieg Larsson’s novel of the same name, on which the film is based, is somewhat infamous for its depictions of brutal, sexual violence. While none of that is on display in new images found at Empire, they do give us an excellent view of some of the story’s principal characters.

First up is Daniel Craig in his role as disgraced journalist Mikael Blomkvist, making a horrified face at something off-screen. We have an idea where the image is taken from, but we’ll refrain from saying for the six people out there who have neither read the book, seen the Swedish film or already had the story spoiled for them. Suffice to say, he’s right to look concerned.

Next up is a shot of Rooney Mara, who plays the female lead, eccentric computer hacker Lisbeth Salander, interacting with Yorick van Wageningen’s Nils Bjurman. Salander is behaving aggressively toward the taken-aback Bjurman, which is understandable, since the guy is the worst kind of scumbag in the book. It’s nice to see that the movie has cast someone as big, burly and imposing as van Wageningen, however.

The final image shows Craig once again, but this time he is conversing with Christopher Plummer, who plays family patriarch Henrik Vanger in the film. He’s a key part of getting the story’s plot moving, so expect a number of scenes between him and Craig. It’s a fair bet that the two are discussing the case of Harriet Vanger, Henrik’s niece who mysteriously disappeared decades earlier, and whom Blomkvist was hired to investigate.

What do you think about the new images from “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”? Will you be checking out the film, or are the book and a subtitled movie enough for you? Tell us in the comments below and Twitter!