'Hunger Games' Footage Teased In New VMA Promo, And We Want Your Reactions!

Author Suzanne Collins didn't call it "The Hunger Games" without a reason, and we're pretty sure that fans of the franchise are currently feeling hungrier than ever. That's because at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, we'll be unveiling an exclusive sneak peek at the Jennifer Lawrence-starring movie — but you don't have to wait until Sunday (August 28) to catch a glimpse of the footage.

We have just a tiny taste of the "Hunger Games" goodness that's in store come VMA night in the brand new promo below. Check it out!

It's just a tease, of course, but a little spoonful is better than no spoonful, right? And when the final "Hunger Games" sneak peek finally airs at the VMAs this weekend, the fun won't end there — we want to see and hear your reactions to the footage, so tweet your video reactions to @MTVNews, and we'll post our favorites next week!

Are you getting psyched for the "Hunger Games" teaser? What do you think the footage will reveal? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter, and don't forget to tweet your video reactions to @MTVNews!