'John Carter' Sequel: 'One At A Time,' Says Taylor Kitsch

The buzz continues to build around Andrew Stanton's live action debut, "John Carter," and thus far it's mostly positive. We haven't really seen enough of the film yet to deconstruct it properly, but after a well-received showing at D23 last weekend, and updates from the key players involved, it's safe to say that our expectations will remain decidedly high until its March 9, 2012 release date.

When MTV News caught up with Stanton and star Taylor Kitsch, we asked what has been most satisfying about being involved in the project thus far.

"For me personally it's been the process," Kitsch said. "Now we're kind of reaping the journey we went on to create it, and working with this guy everyday and challenging each other and working off these great actors."

"I have to say, the biggest thrill for me, for as hard as it is, is the making of the movie," Stanton added. "You try to create a really fun family that loves the challenges of the day, that loves doing what they do," he explained of his cast and crew. "We really lucked out, we created a hell of a cast and crew and we miss each other, we're really hoping we could do it all again for another film."

Speaking of their stellar cast, we asked what effect the great Willem Dafoe had on the project, particularly during the scenes in which he was acting and fighting on stilts, as a nine-foot-tall Martian.

"What I find weird is that we got used to it so quickly," Stanton said. "It didn't look odd at all to be talking to somebody on stilts."

"And he's a legend for a reason," added Kitsch. "He shows up to work and he's so great, just an incredibly giving actor. I know a lot of lesser actors who won't do off camera [work]."

"Exactly. He set the tone for how hard to work," Stanton continued. "If he's on stilts in a 100-degree heat up on a hill doing this, then everybody else is going to raise their game."

Back to the sequel talk, is there a limit to how many "John Carter" sequels they would do?

"I don't know," Stanton said with sincerity. "We'll just hope there is one right now."

"One at a time," Kitsch said with a smile.

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