'Fright Night': How The Original Can Inform The Remake

There can only be one original, but that never stopped Hollywood from trying to remake our favorite films. No other genre seems as bloated with remakes as horror, but not every retelling is a terrible thing. "Lars and the Real Girl" director Craig Gillespie will show us what he can do with Tom Holland's 1985 horror classic, "Fright Night," this weekend -- and it got us thinking about all of our favorite moments from the much-loved horror-comedy.

The best movie remakes bring something new to the table, but respect the original material. Here are five things we'd love to see in the new "Fright Night" that pay homage to the original story about a seductive, but dangerous, vampire who goes head-to-head with an inquisitive high school student.

Doin' It At The Dance Club

Our kingdom for a cheesy sexytime scene at a dance club. It won't have the feathered hair, new wave music, or Cosby sweater-on-disco outfits, but some kind of nod to the hilarious yet still sultry dance sequence in the original "Fright Night" would be aces. Chris Sarandon made Jerry totally crushable, and his smooth moves on the dance floor – which he used to seduce Charlie's girlfriend Amy – is one of the movie's most memorable moments.

Every Vampire Needs A Henchman

Dracula had Renfield, and Jerry had Billy. The new Jerry needs a henchman, a sidekick, a best pal who is willing to fight to the death to protect his dawg. It's vampire law or something. What the hell was Billy, anyway? (Aside from being some kind of too-close-for comfort weirdo that gave everyone rape eyes when they tried to get near Jerry.) Billy Cole suffered the fate of every 1980's horror fiend when he tried to defend Jerry – that of the inevitable melting effect, which turned him into a pile of green, bubbling goo. That's real love … and brings us to our next point.

Dear 3-D: Respect Your Elders

The 1985 "Fright Night" plays to some serious horror fanboy/girl love. It references a ton of old school scary stuff. Even the character of Peter Vincent is a tribute to horror legends Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. That's why the movie's practical FX, though terribly dated now, work. There was clearly a lot of love put into creating those melty faces and ill-fitting fangs. The new film is promising 3-D horror, but we'd kill for a few true blue effects that don't involve a computer. And please, no CGI blood.

Payback Is A Bitch

Nerds. Will. Attack. Let's face it, in the original film Charlie's kind of a jerk for ignoring his girlfriend, being a tool to best friend Evil (who, yes, can certainly dish it out), and generally acting like a little jerk. That's what makes it so sweet when his highly quotable, best bud Evil Ed opens up a can of whoop ass and becomes empowered with his newfound fangs after Jerry transforms him into a bloodsucker. You want the crabby and crazy horror nerd to win! Here's hoping Christopher Mintz-Plasse can bring it.

Killer Dialogue

Director/writer Tom Holland did a fine job with the original "Fright Night's" script. There's some curious subtext, which is unexpected for what was supposed to be a B-grade horror movie, as well as smart and genuinely funny lines. Former "Buffy the Vampire" scribe, Marti Noxon, takes over script duties for the remake, and while her experience with vamps in the past – and penchant for writing strong, interesting characters – makes us hopeful that the dialogue won't suck, there's no telling until we're in that theater seat. So far the tone of the trailers have pitched the movie as super serious. Hopefully there will be plenty of room for a few good laughs too.

Tell us what you want to see carried over from the original "Fright Night" into this week's remake in the comments section and on Twitter!