'Fright Night' Star Dave Franco Talks About 'Fun' Of Film, Surprises In Store

Finally "Fright Night" has been released in theaters. Which means that after following the production for over a year, and chatting up the cast members whenever possible, we can finally dig a little deeper into Craig Gillespe's remake of the '85 cult classic.

MTV News caught up with Dave Franco recently, who plays Mark (a typical high school a--hole, according to Franco), to get some more scoop on his work in the film, scene-stealer David Tenant, and if we should watch out for any Easter eggs.

Also, before we get to the goods, let me just add that Franco is one of the nicest, most laid-back actors in the biz. So genuine, friendly and just plain cool.

MTV News: What were the highlights of filming the movie for you?

Dave Franco: This one was really fun, mainly. Not only just working with good material and incredibly talented people all around, but just kind of the friendships I made on this one. It was one of these films where everyone got along so well. On most projects you make friends, but then everyone comes home and they have their own lives and everyone goes their separate ways, but on this one we all stayed in touch and just had a blast together.

MTV: Do you have any favorite Easter egg moments that are specific nods to the original?

Franco: There are definitely moments that fans of the original will love and appreciate, but I think it really is its own beast. A lot of the character arcs are different, particularly Charlie’s (Anton Yelchin’s) character, and my character wasn’t even in the original. There’s a lot that’s changed but I think it still maintains a lot of the fun of the original. It’s just nice to have a vampire movie out there that really goes for it, that’s a hard R, where the main vampire, the main villain, is vicious and very unapologetic, rather then kind of brooding and sensitive.

MTV: How do people become vampires in "Fright Night"? What are the rules?

Franco: It’s kind of a classic vampire rule in terms of when you get bitten you turn, but with this it really kind of milks these moments where Colin is about to turn these particular characters. And there are scenes of projectile blood squirting everywhere, it really goes for it, it doesn’t kinda tip toe around anything.

MTV: Let's talk about David Tenant and what he adds to the film

Franco: David Tenant, he’s hilarious. I know he’s very, very well known in England, but I’m not sure how much people are aware of him here. But after this movie, I think his character steals the movie. I think at first people might try to cut him down and be like “Oh he’s just impersonating Russell Brand,” but he really brings his own thing to it, and he’s got a lot of layers. And everyone will see how funny the guy is, but then how real and kinda toned down he can be too.

MTV: I’m sure you were jealous of his wardrobe (which involves awesome leather pants).

Franco: (Laughs) No comment.

MTV: Come on, every dude wants to wear leather pants!

Franco: I, uh . . .

MTV: Okay, we'll leave that one alone for a bit. What more can you tell us about your role in "21 Jump Street"?

Franco: I just finished filming that in New Orleans and I’m really excited about that one. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, they play undercover cops who infiltrate this high school and try to stop the spread of this new drug called HFS, “Holy F---ing S--t,” and I play the eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious drug dealer who is spreading the drug around the school. It was a fun role where, again, I play I guess the quote-unquote cool guy at school. In this one he’s got the element of being this eco-friendly guy in a way and you get to see a lighter side of him because Jonah’s character kind of joins his gang and you get to see kind of a bromance form between mine and Jonah’s character.

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