'Dark Knight Rises': Anne Hathaway's Cute Cat Playlist

CatwomanConsidering the recent track record for live action attempts at capturing Catwoman on screen (sorry Halle Berry), it makes sense that "The Dark Knight Rises" star Anne Hathaway did her research for the role by watching cat videos on YouTube instead of studying previous Catwoman incarnations.

In a recent interview, Hathaway said that originally one of the assistant directors on the flick had tried to convince her to adopt a cat and have it live with her so she could "observe it," but then realized that was an awful idea (she couldn't keep the cat!).

Fortunately there's the Internet, and Hathaway turned to YouTube for help. Hathaway says she just watched a National Geographic video to inspire her performance, but we think there's no way she could have avoided spending hours upon end watching funny cat videos on YouTube. That's why we took the time and effort to dream up Anne Hathaway's Kitty Research Playlist.

Very suitable for work hilarity begins after the jump.

The Cat Thief

The Catwoman we know and love is a straight up thief, so what better way for Hathaway to get into character than by watching a cat caught in the act? The Animal Planet clip below shows a hilariously devious little cat burglar being tracked by humans as he goes around his neighborhood stealing things. Maybe his "Do I look guilty?" expression is what inspired Hathaway in these photos.

One Sneaky Kitty

Being stealthy is a mandatory obligation for any masked crusader, be they hero or vigilante, and there really isn't any better creature to learn the art of slinking from than a cat. Fortunately, the cat in the video below has mastered the art of the sneak approach, and hilarity ensues.

Cat-Like Reflexes

Similarly, Hathaway has to be mobile and agile to really play a good Catwoman. Not only does the below video show off some of the cat-like reflexes Hathaway should be working on, it also looks like it's a great exercise routine! Take a moment to imagine Hathaway and Christopher Nolan acting this out to work on her response time, and then get prepared to giggle your pants off.

Cat Fight

Hathaway isn't an actress that we traditionally associate with action films, so it goes without saying that she needed to brush up on some of her fighting skills before "The Dark Knight Rises." Since she needed to channel her inner cat for this role, we only assume that she took some pointers from felines in action. The below video is one of the best examples of a cat slap attack that we've ever seen.

The Element Of Surprise

Is Catwoman a friend or foe to the Batman? We still don't know yet, but it's that element of surprise that keeps us interested. Likely Catwoman will be playing both sides of the spectrum, which means she'll need to keep a couple tricks up her sleeve. One of those that we recommend is becoming a master of distraction, like this little kitten below.

Maru, Just Maru

If all else fails, Hathaway really should have just defaulted to watching Maru the cat videos on repeat on YouTube. We can't think of anyone else who has quite mastered the art of sliding into boxes and fitting into tight spaces while looking absurdly adorable quite like this big guy.

Which cat videos do you think Hathaway used to inspire her performance? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!