Not Dead Yet: 'The Lone Ranger' And 'The Dark Tower' Still Fighting For Survival

Johnny DeppThe diagnosis isn't quite so grim as we might have thought on cancelled film projects "The Lone Ranger" and "The Dark Tower."

Bad news first: The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Gore Verbinski and the folks with "The Lone Ranger" have been trying to resolve the budget crisis that led Disney to pull the plug on the flick, but it might be to no avail. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" director managed to drop the film's planned budget from $244 million to $242 million, but Disney wants it to be closer to $220. That will involve some cutbacks from the cast and crew that THR doesn't think they're willing to make. Still, negotiations are negotiations, and there might be some wiggle room to get this Johnny Depp-starring movie off the ground.

Fortunately, things are looking up for Ron Howard's "The Dark Tower" adaptation.

Universal decided not to go forward on their "The Dark Tower" adaptation back in July, but Howard isn't giving up on it yet. The New York Post has learned that he is trying to get outside financing to make his three-film, two-TV-series project, and then he will try to distribute it through a major studio. There will likely have to be some cutbacks from the original vision, but Howard is committed to bring his cross-media adaptation to life.

The flick still has its lead Javier Bardem on board, so that's a point in his favor. "The Dark Tower" wouldn't be able to start filming until at least next year because Howard is currently working on "Rush," so that gives him some time to figure out how he can go forward.

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