'Hunger Games': Jennifer Lawrence Sings On The Soundtrack

FROM MTV MOVIES: We've seen snippets of the cinematic world of Panem — Jennifer Lawrence as blood-spattered, arrow-wielding Katniss crouching in the woods, Josh Hutcherson as her battle-worn fellow combatant Peeta lying in a clearing. What we haven't yet checked out from "Hunger Games" — and why would we, with no trailer yet released and the film not hitting theaters until March 2012? — is anything to do with the score, an all-star collaboration between T-Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman.

But that musical omission will be changing soon, as Burnett not only told MTV News that filmmakers will be releasing "Hunger Games" tuneage soon, but that one track will feature Lawrence herself.

"Yeah, we did," Burnett said when we asked if Lawrence had recorded anything in the studio. "And it was beautiful. She did great. She's singing great. Killer actor too."

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