'Woman In Black' Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe At His Creepiest

Susan Hill’s thriller novel, “The Woman in Black,” has already spawned one adaptation, the 1989 television movie of the same name. While creepy, that version had a distinct lack of Daniel Radcliffe. Fortunately, that problem will be effectively remedied when a new adaptation of the book hits theaters in February 2012.

Though it is based on the original novel, the movie is said to veer away from the book’s plot in numerous ways, as Radcliffe’s character, the lawyer Arthur Kipps, visits a small English town to deal with the estate of the deceased Alice Drablow. As you, an intuitive filmgoer, would probably imagine, things get dark and weird pretty damn quickly.

The new trailer, seen in the video above, captures that creeping sense of menace remarkably effectively, as it includes every single one of the top five creepiest things ever. Join us past the jump to see if you spotted them all!

The answers are: 1) Dirty old toys, 2) A run-down house, 3) Rhyming children’s narration, 4) Blank-faced girls in matching dresses, 5) Daguerreotypes. Terrifying, terrifying daguerreotypes.

What did you think about the trailer? Was there anything exceptionally creepy that we missed? Give us your thoughts on Daniel Radcliffe's latest "Woman in Black" trailer in the comments section and on Twitter!