EXCLUSIVE: 'Red Tails' Trailer And Poster Fly Online

Until the last man, they'll fight — so say they all in the new trailer for "Red Tails," the World War II aerial combat drama from producer George Lucas.

An earlier "Red Tails" trailer arrived online late last month, and today, we've got an exclusive first look at the movie's latest trailer, as well as a brand new poster for the film. Watch the trailer in the video above, and click past the jump to see the latest poster!

In "Red Tails," moviegoers are offered the chance to look back at an important slice of American history with the moving true story of the Tuskegee Airmen, a collection of segregated black pilots who were given second-rate planes and deadly missions after being shipped out to combat during World War II. But despite their hand-me-down supplies and their dangerous assignments, the Tuskegee men literally and figuratively rose to the occasion time and time again in the blood soaked skies of the second world war.

"Red Tails" boasts an all-star cast with its talented roster including Oscar-nominated actor and former "Iron Man" hero Terrence Howard, "Breaking Bad" badass Bryan Cranston, Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr, Method Man, Ne-Yo and Nate Parker. The movie is directed by "Treme's" Anthony Hemingway and godfathered by George Lucas, the "Star Wars" mastermind who has had his vision for "Red Tails" in development for over two decades now. It looks like good things come to those who wait, based on the new trailer and — as you can see below — the latest poster for the movie.

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