Tom Cruise Gives 'One Shot' To Rosamund Pike

Rosamund PikeThe decision was expected quickly, and they didn't disappoint: Rosamund Pike is Tom Cruise's "One Shot" gal!

Deadline reports that the former Bond girl has landed the female lead in "One Shot," Paramount's Cruise-starring adaptation of the Jack Reacher novel series. Pike will play Helen Rodin, a defense attorney who works with Reacher, a former military man turned drifter, to bring bad guys to justice.

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Bill Paxton Joins Kevin Costner Miniseries

History Channel's miniseries "The Hatfields and McCoys" just added another major Hollywood actor. Deadline has learned that Bill Paxton has come on board as the titular Randall McCoy. He is joining Kevin Costner, who plays "Devil" Anse Hatfield. The Civil War drama follows the two friends as post-war tensions cause the two families to start warring against each other.

Rosemarie DeWitt Joins The "Neighborhood Watch"

Ben Stiller just gained a wife in his sci-fi comedy "Neighborhood Watch." "United States of Tara" star Rosemarie DeWitt will play the role of Stiller's wife who forces them to move to the suburbs, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Vince Vaughn is also signed on to the flick. "Neighborhood Watch" starts shooting in the fall in Georgia.

Brad Pitt To Produce "Twelve Years A Slave"

The Steve McQueen-directed flick "Twelve Years A Slave" just gained a big-time producer. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Brad Pitt and his Plan B production company have come on board the adaptation of Solomon Northup's autobiography in producing roles. Currently British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is attached to Northup's role. No word yet on when production is yet to start.

Adam Scott Is "A.C.O.D."

And no, that doesn't mean he's a fish. The "Parks & Recreation" star has been tapped for the leading role in "A.C.O.D.," a new indie comedy from Stuart Zicherman. The title is an acronym for Adult Children of Divorce, and Scott plays a man who was forced to grow up too young following his parents' bitter divorce. It's up to Scott to keep their tempers cool enough when his younger brother hurriedly decides to get married.

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