'Woman In Black' Photo: Daniel Radcliffe Scares Easily

In case you missed the memo, Daniel Radcliffe's latest movie "The Woman In Black" is going to be scary, and the latest photo released for the flick shows that viewers aren't going to be the only ones terrified.

Previous photos have shown Radcliffe's character Arthur Kipps looking a bit nervous while walking around outdoors and later defending himself with a hatchet, but this latest image shows Kipps at his most defenseless. Lying on the ground and looking uncomfortably off into the distance, Kipps looks like he could be in a little bit of supernatural trouble. Maybe it has something to do with that children's doll lying on the ground next to him?

If the trailer is any judge, Kipps certainly has a lot on his plate in this movie.

When MTV caught up with Radcliffe earlier this year to chat about the flick, he shared that he was glad "The Woman In Black" is such a departure from "Harry Potter." It also was a bit of a challenge for Radcliffe to make, he said, because he's not a fan of horror movies. If he's already talking about being scared by it, we certainly do not stand a chance.

"It's going to be terrifying, and at the test screening they had, apparently people were leaping out of their seats terrified, so I think it's just going to be a really, really good movie," he revealed. "I'm looking forward to the full trailer coming out, presumably months down the line because I think when people start to see more and more, I think the buzz about it will continue to build."

"The Woman in Black" hits theaters February 3, 2012.

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