'Avatar' Sequel Will Push The Envelope Again, Says Sam Worthington

While we await the official word from James Cameron regarding his specific production plans for the two “Avatar” sequels, we like to fill the void by asking all related parties for the latest news and/or thoughts on what they want to unfold in a return visit to Pandora.

Zoe Saldana recently told us she hadn't heard specifics from Cameron, but thought they might start production next year. When we caught up with star Sam Worthington (who's sporting shaggy surfer dude hair for his next movie, "Drift") during the press day for upcoming thriller, "The Debt," he didn't have many specifics to offer either, just that Cameron is still hard at work on his "Bible."

"That's one of these things he's needing to do to get back [into the 'Avatar' mindset] before he starts writing," Worthington said of the planned enclyclopedia-esque guide to the world of "Avatar" Cameron has planned.

"He's told me kind of the layout of Avatar 2 and 3, the prospect is to film them back-to-back and it is humongous," he said. "I spoke to some of the visual effects guys that we worked with and they're excited, and they're also very challenged, so that's a good sign. Jim would never rest on his laurels anyway, but he's definitely looking to push the envelope again."

When asked specifically what Cameron has told him about the underwater elements that the Oscar-winner has hinted will be a bit part of "Avatar 2," Worthington brushed off the question with a laugh and a smile.

"He's told me lots of stuff," Worthington said. "But I'm not allowed to tell you anything."

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