Alfonso Cuarón's 'Gravity' Pushes 'A New Boundary In Filmmaking,' Says Guillermo Del toro

As if we didn't already have enough reasons to be excited for Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity," Guillermo del Toro is here to vouch that it's going to blow our minds.

It's a movie that's taken a very long time to get into production, and even had James Cameron skeptical of its scope. But I didn't put it on my list of movies that desperately needed to be put through production in 2011 for nothing, and with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the lead roles it seems like it could be certifiably great. Del Toro seems to think that it's going to change sci-fi films as we know them.

"I'm amazed at Alfonso the past few movies because he's completely transformed himself," he said when MTV News spoke with him recently. "['Gravity' is] incredibly well-calculated. Very human, if you know the story."

Like Cameron with "Avatar," Cuarón has created new camera technology for "Gravity" so he can give it the look he pictures for the sci-fi epic. Though del Toro wouldn't share what exactly Cuarón has come up with, he said that it will likely get a lot of press soon and is very Kubrickian.

"[They're] absolutely pushing a new boundary in filmmaking, completely mindblowing. And the way they're making that movie will, I think, forever change certain types of productions," he said.

If that's not enough to get you excited, the news that Cuarón managed to out-Cameron James Cameron might. Turns out del Toro put Cuarón in touch with Cameron to try to get some insight for their camera technology, and Cameron said that what they wanted to do couldn't be done.

"Jim said, well you know, look, you're about five years into the future. When Jim said that it's too early to try anything that crazy, they did it," del Toro said.

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