Five Reasons To See 'Final Destination 5'

For my money, "Final Destination 5" is a flawless "Final Destination" movie. It hits all of the notes a "Final Destination" movie needs to hit. If you're a fan of watching a motley crew of youngsters (and the requisite out-of-place adult) cheat death's design only to be chewed up and spat out in glorious fashion over the ensuing hour and a half, you can't miss it. If you're not, well, your hard-earned ticket-spending cash is probably better used elsewhere.

Check out five reasons that fans need to make it to their next "Final Destination" this weekend after the jump!


As is the case with its predecessors, "FD5" begins with an incredible vision of an impossibly horrible accident -- this time a suspension bridge collapse -- that our main cast narrowly avoids thanks to the hero's protests. Five movies into the franchise and the "FD" team hasn't lost an ounce of creativity. The destruction is awe inspiring and brutally, disturbingly cringe-worthy -- but true to death's design, it's also laughable in its own shocking and uncomfortable way.

A New Wrinkle In Death's Design

Speaking of death's design, there are some new twists to the way our heroes are able to cheat death in "Final Destination 5," thanks to some new information from the always enigmatic and always welcome Tony Todd. This time around -- spoiler alert, I suppose -- death can be side-stepped by killing another person and trading their lifespan for yours. It's a new twist that paves the way for a fun final act, even if it's an absolutely ludicrous one.

Confront Your Fears

If they serve no other purpose, the "Final Destination" movies are constant reminders that some fears are just too great to ever overcome. Feeling guilty about going to the massage parlor in search of a "happy ending"? This movie won't remove your guilt. Do you have an insane fear of anything coming near or, god forbid, touching your eyes? Speaking as a leading member of the holy-crap-nothing-can-ever-touch-my-eyes-ever glasses-wearing community, I can say there's one nearly ten minute chunk of screen time you're going to want to shield your eyes from. And just when you think it's safe to look back...

(No) Escape

At the end of the day, that gut-twisting reaction is exactly why "FD5" worked for me: even if the characters can't escape their own fates (and come on, it's not really a spoiler to tell you that they can't, is it?), the movie provides pure escapism for the audience. The crowd I saw the movie with were ooh-ing and ugh-ing at all of the right moments, giving in completely to the blood bath and shock factor. No one's saying that "Final Destination 5" is an award-winner, but it knows exactly what it is and what its audience wants... and it delivers those things in spades, lasers, acupuncture needles and other assorted cutlery.

The Ending

I can say no more. Just watch and enjoy.

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