Joshua Jackson Teases New 'Fringe' Mysteries

Oh, Peter Bishop! What will the world be like without you in it! Well, "Fringe" fans will certainly get a taste of it when the show kicks off its new season on September 23. But Joshua Jackson is hoping that his character's season-ending disappearing act doesn't last too long, or he might be out of a job.

"Right now we have this massive, cool cliffhanger," he recalled to MTV News at Comic-Con. "At the end of the season is that this character, my character, not only dies [but] like when we want to 'X' somebody out on 'Fringe,' you’ve got to erase them from all of time. [So he] not only dies, he had never existed."

Ok, so what does that mean for the show's still-too-long-away season premiere? "So the beginning of this season is showing the world without him," he teased. "And also showing all the characters, but how they would be if their lives have never interacted. It’s the world that we know as 'Fringe,' but there's something slightly tweaked about everybody and then eventually, I'm hoping, they’ll fold me back into it."

Wait, Josh, are you trying to tell us there's a chance you might not come back? "They haven’t not paid me yet and generally that’s how you find out you're fired is when the checks stop coming in or on twitter these days," he joked.

But, the bottom line, he noted, is that for a time being, at least, Peter just won't be anywhere in sight. "You will see not much of me," he said. "It will be much more about the world without me than it will be about the world with me. The idea is to tell the story of what life is like without the guy, so I may or may not be there in a certain sense, but that is not what the thrust of the story will be."

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