'Star Trek 2': Zoe Saldana Wants Shirtless Kirk, Uhura And Spock 'Action'

While we await the production start and release dates for J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel - which he told us last week is about a month away - it's fun to try and find out what the cast members would like to see their characters do in another movie.

Therefore when MTV News caught up with the lovely Zoe Saldana at the Teen Choice Awards (where she introduced the adorable "Harry Potter" tribute, our "Choice Farewell"), the actress shared a few fun thoughts about what kind of action Uhura should see in the sequel.

"For some reason, I'm not like a mushy person, but I kind of want Spock and Uhura to get it on," she admitted of her character's romance with Zachary Quinto's brilliant Mr. Spock. "Not in that sense," she quickly added, making sure to keep minds out of the proverbial gutter. "But you really want to see more of that love affair."

Jumping in with my unsolicited opinion here... I wholeheartedly agree! Spock and Uhura's relationship reveal was one of the most pleasantly surprising and believable in the 2009 blockbuster. Saldana also had some great thoughts about what a couple of the other male characters should be doing the second time around.

"Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) should definitely take off his shirt," she said with a smile. "Along with Sulu (John Cho). And I think Uhura should kick some ass."

Fine by me. Character arcs and wardrobe-related requests aside, Abrams already told us that he wants to make sure that his second Trek film stands on its own.

"I think the most important thing to remember is that it doesn't matter if anyone has seen the first one or not. It doesn't matter what the first one was, in a way. This has to be a movie that stands on its own," he explained. "You can't just assume that everyone is going to love the characters because they are played by great actors, or they might have liked the first film. It's really about starting over and at the same time, you really want to make sure you hold onto things that worked in the first one, so it's the obvious stuff."

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