EXCLUSIVE 'Paul' Behind-The-Scenes Featurette Shows Seth Rogen's Floating Head

Ever wonder how loveable funny guy Seth Rogen was transformed into a big-headed, small green alien in this year's "Paul"? Well, thanks to this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip MTV News has from the "Paul" DVD, you can find out (the disc, the Blu-ray and the On Demand film arrive August 9th).

Stars and co-writers Nick Frost and Simon Pegg explain the footage shown in the video, which feature samples of an early edit where the character Paul was just Rogen's floating head from his separate rehearsals. It was a way for the crew to get a sense of Rogen's role in the movie, even though he wasn't acting it out.

"Seth is the character, so they've shot him in rehearsal with various angles, with the other actors, but we've just got to put him into the scenes," explained editor Chris Dickens. "Essentially, I've just used the rehearsal and I've just put him in a little box."

The featurette also includes a chat with Pegg and Frost after they first saw the footage with Rogen included, and then after the movie had been released in theaters. Let's just say their opinions of the flick changed a bit between the two viewings.

"We're seeing Paul for the first time and we haven't before as the people who invented him," Frost said after he saw the first edit. "It's fine to watch a film with a weird floating head of Seth Rogen on the screen, which is what Paul has been up until this point."

And after the fact? "Seeing it now, it's hard to imagine the film without him in it, and it's also hard to remember him not being there, because he looks so much like he's there," Pegg said, before joking, "We weren't there. We're digital. We're CG."

Frost added, "Paul was there every day, but we weren't."

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