'The Sitter' Red-Band Trailer: Jonah Hill Has A Filthy Mouth

Jonah HillIs Jonah Hill someone you'd trust to watch your children? After watching the red-band trailer for "The Sitter" that hit the web today, we're hoping that answer is a big N-O.

Hill is in all his pre-weight loss comedic glory in this trailer that has a bit of his "Superbad"-vibe going on. Hill plays an average joe with a certain, um, capability that makes him hot with the ladies. His mom convinces him to babysit as a chance to earn some cash, and what should have been an easy night in turns into much more. Somehow guns, drug dealers and car accidents come into the mix, along with some Sam Rockwell and Ari Graynor action. Can we complain? Absolutely not.

Check out the trailer past the jump, but be warned, it is VERY unsafe for work!

The minute-long intro before the teaser almost had us laughing as much as the trailer itself, and we're not quite sure what purpose it serves. Is it a tease for the kind of rapport Hill has with his young costars in the movie? Just an extra funny actor-intro for an exclusive video? Or maybe some other reason that we aren't clever enough to come up with.

Regardless, "The Sitter" looks like it's going to be some certifiably raunchy fun come December 9. Parents, you're probably going to want to leave your kids at home for this one.

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