'Rise Of The Planet of The Apes' Director Says It's A 'Self-Contained Film'

With a title like "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," you get what you're paying for when you hit the cinema this weekend.

But that's the fun of the latest "Planet of the Apes" reboot. Though anyone who's seen the classic Charlton Heston flick knows how this movie is going to end (hint: the apes will rise), it's the fresh story with its moral lesson that is the fun part of "Rise."

"The journey is the destination, I think," director Rupert Wyatt told MTV News at Comic-Con. "I think it's in the telling obviously, and that's how we wanted to approach the making of this film. The telling of the story and that's what to us was really intriguing and really exciting."

So does that mean that "Rise" is setting up a reboot of the entire "Planet of the Apes" franchise? Wyatt says no.

"This is a very, very self-contained film in the same way that you can say 'Spartacus' is," he explained. "I mean, it's the story of a revolutionary microcosm. And yes, there will potentially be a greater conflict, a more global conflict, a more continental conflict, in terms of what comes after this. And that would be wonderful."

Like the five-film long series before it (forgive us for ignoring Tim Burton's 2001 flick), Wyatt feels like there's a lot of life in the "Apes" storyline. He's just saying he didn't finish "Rise" with the intent of making a direct sequel. But that doesn't mean that he'd be against continuing the tale he started in this flick.

"That would be fantastic to see what comes next in terms of the conflict between humans and apes," he said. "There's lots of mileage in that and great stories, so I think for us this is not about laying the groundwork and leaving it so open-ended that it's not a self-contained, satisfying narrative, because it definitely is that, I think."

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