Two Snow Whites, Two Linda Lovelace Biopics: The Dueling Movies Trend Continues

Snow WhiteA few years ago I explored the phenomenon of “dueling movies” -- a pair of flicks with the same subject matter that are developed and released by different studios almost simultaneously.

By that time, penguins, pigs, bugs, volcanoes, magicians, Scottish heroes and Truman Capote had all gotten the dueling movie treatment. Since then there have been more double-takes on screen: notable examples include films about shopping mall security guards (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop” and “Observe and Report” in 2009) and films about pals who have sex (“No Strings Attached” and “Friends With Benefits” in 2011).

And the trend continues. Universal Pictures and Relativity Media have been engaged in a wicked witch-style battle over little people lover Snow White. On the other end of the character spectrum, infamous porn star Linda Lovelace now has two teams fighting for her honor as well, with Malin Ackerman starring in one biopic scheduled for release in 2012 and Olivia Wilde expressing interest in another.

Given Hollywood’s appetite for the reheated and recycled, I assume more dueling movies are on the horizon. So what’s next – two films about earth-threatening comets? Wait… that’s already been done!

What do you think of the dueling movie trend? Do you see it as a sign that Hollywood is running out of ideas? Are you more intrigued by the idea of competing "Snow White" movies, or turned off at the prospect of two remarkably similar films opening within the same year?

Give us your thoughts on the two Snow White films, the two Linda Lovelace biopics and other dueling movies in the comments section and on Twitter!