'Change-Up' Stars Ryan Reynolds And Jason Bateman Have Fun With Photoshop

In case you're not aware, Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are both funny men in their own right. Put them together and you get comedic fireworks, a fact that Universal is banking on when their new raunchy comedy "The Change-Up" bows in theaters this weekend.

Now, in knowing the talents and rapier wit that both Reynolds and Bateman possess, one must approach an interview with them differently like, say, armed with some visual aids that depict Reynolds and Bateman photoshopped into each other's previous film roles. Naturally their reactions were priceless:

1. Ryan Reynolds as Michael Bluth In Arrested Development

Bateman: Ha!

Reynolds: Boy, what the hell is my hand doing? A salute?

Bateman: It looks like there's a bit of a fire maybe off camera, he's got smoke in the eyes there. It's nice.

Reynolds: Yeah, somebody needs a laser peel.

2. Bateman As Hal Jordan In Green Lantern

Reynolds: [That is] not the sanctioned outfit, by the way, but I like that.

Bateman: Nice. Come on! I want to do a superhero movie!

Reynolds: Yeah you should. They only take about nine months to shoot.

Bateman: Look at those red hands though, it looks like I've been putting out fires without the use of water.

Reynolds: Yeah, it looks like you had a lot of salt the night before on those hands.

3. Bateman As Chris Brander In Just Friends

Reynolds: Aww, what's going on there, what's up chubbers?

Bateman: Is that the Charlie Kaufman movie?

Reynolds: No, that's "Just Friends," that's my book bag.

Bateman: Oh, that one I want to see. Amy Smart is in that right? I do like Amy Smart.

4. Reynolds As Jason Smith In Couple's Retreat

Reynolds: Oh damn! Now that's a handsome couple.

Bateman: Yeah, jeez. Watch out Dax [Shepard, Bell's husband]. Looks like you're coming to get her.

Reynolds: Oh I'm moving in, can we send that to Dax?

Bateman: Yeah, that's a great two shot.

5. Reynolds As Todd Howard In Teen Wolf Too

Bateman: Uh oh. That's where things went right off the cliff.

Reynolds: Oh hello. I would have called it "Teen Wolf Also."

Bateman: Well that's what they're trying to with the 'T,' double-'o'.

Reynolds: I just would have gone 'also.'

Bateman: That is the shock I should have had on my face when my dad said this would be a good career decision. But instead I was all smiles and thumbs up.

6. Bateman As Reynolds On The Cover Of Men's Health

Reynolds: Look at that, oh, sizzling. Look at that jawline. It's all about the jawline.

Bateman: Well you've created the jawline with your scissors there. God I wish I had that.

Reynolds: I wish I had that. ... Yeah, those days are dead.

Bateman: [Said while touching Reynolds' arm and chest] It feels like it's still there.

Reynolds: My nipples got real long since then.

Bateman: Ooof.

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