'In Time' Trailer Teases Justin Timberlake's Weird Time-Driven Future

Ever since Comic-Con, we've been seeing a heck of a lot of footage of Justin Timberlake's latest flick "In Time," but the latest trailer to hit the web is definitely its best.

First off, it's a good minute and a half shorter than the previous trailer released. In this case that's a good thing, because it gives a much more concise look at the plot while still keeping us intrigued. And we certainly are intrigued.

Second reason? It gives us our first look at Olivia Wilde as Timberlake's mom, which is something we have been looking forward to for a while.

In case you're new to the "In Time" premise, Timberlake, Wilde and Amanda Seyfried play people who live in a society where they don't age past 25. After that, they have to start purchasing time, and those who are poor don't live very long while those who are rich can life infinitely. Timberlake gets caught in a dangerous situation that he'll find it hard to get out of, and there's our movie.

What's nice about this trailer is that it answers some questions -- for instance, people age normally up until age 25 and then stop -- while keeping some things mysterious, like why Timberlake gets gifted with more than a century of time. It certainly looks like an interesting twist on the sci-fi genre, and leaves us a bit more optimistic than the previous trailer.

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