'Game Of Thrones' Star Kit Harington Teases Season 2

Being the esteemed professional that I am, it is my job as a journalist to separate any personal leanings or fangirl pandering from my writings. Most of the time. Not so much when my subject is George R.R. Martin's brilliant "A Song Of Ice And Fire" series and HBO's wonderful adaptation "Game of Thrones."

That said, it is with great pleasure that I present one of the major highlights from my Comic-Con experience this year: an interview with one of my absolute favorite and most photogenic cast members Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow), wherein he discusses season two plot points, which cast member he'd like to see more of and what the future holds for Lord Snow.

"Of what I know and what I'm allowed to say, it's a tricky one because I don't want to spoil it," Harington said when asked what he can tell us about Jon's arc in season two. "Obviously he has his own story beyond the Wall, some very interesting things happen to him," he teased, charmingly. "He has a better time of it I think in the second season than he did in the first."

When asked to summarize Snow's series-long challenges and motivations, Harington addressed two points with which we readers are all too familiar.

"Obviously he wants to know who his mother is, that's his long running ambition," Harington said. (*Cough* L + R = JS *Cough*) "I think he wants to prove himself, that's his thing."

And finally, although Snow gets his fair share of action with a lot of intriguing characters up north, I wondered which southern-dwelling characters he hopes to cross paths and/or interact with again.

"Peter Dinklage, Tyrion," he said without hesitation. "I was lucky enough to have three or four scenes with him and it's left me wanting more. But obviously I never cross paths with Daenerys in the first season, maybe not for awhile, who knows, that would be one of the goals I suppose."

Hel-loooo fellow conspiracy theorists!! Are you loving that hopeful foreshadowing as much as I am?!!? I long for nothing more than a Jon and Dany introduction, followed closely by an Arya, Jon reunion...

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