Bradley Cooper And Robert De Niro Reuniting For David O. Russell

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper should be looking at his silver linings as he and his "Limitless" costar Robert De Niro are in talks to team up with director David O Russell for "The Silver Linings Playbook."

Deadline has the news that Cooper and De Niro are in negotiations for the flick. Cooper would be replacing Mark Wahlberg, who departed due to other obligations. Jennifer Lawrence is still committed as the movie's leading lady.

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Leonardo DiCaprio To Head West

Jumping on the Western bandwagon, Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be interested in the long in development project "The Creed of Violence," The Los Angeles Times is reporting. The casting is far from certain, but the source who spoke to the Times said DiCaprio is looking to play one of the movie's two lead roles. The flick is set in the 1910s and follows a criminal who is caught by a government agent that shares a secret past with him.

Reese Witherspoon Gets A "Wish List"

Deadline is reporting that Reese Witherspoon has come on board Disney's latest comedy, "Wish List." The movie follows a girl who makes 10 wishes in a wishing well, but they never come true because her coin gets lodged and never reaches the bottom. Twenty-five years later, the coin reaches the bottom and she has to deal with the ramifications of the wishes she made when she was 10 years old.

Alden Ehrenreich Joins "Stoker"

The latest piece of the "Stoker" casting puzzle goes to Coppola family regular Alden Ehrenreich, The Playlist is reporting that he will be joining the already cast Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode, Mia Wasikowska, Jacki Weaver and Lucas Till as Whip Taylor, a jock jerk turned nice guy turned jerk again. Shooting on the flick is supposed to begin soon with a planned 2012 release date.

Ethan Hawke And Scott Derrickson Team Up For New Thriller

Summit Entertainment just bought the rights to Scott Derrickson's latest jaunt into thriller territory. Deadline is reporting that the "Exorcism of Emily Rose" director will be directing a "found footage" thriller that will star Ethan Hawke. Hawke will play a journalist moving his family around the country to investigate gruesome murders that he then turns into books. He moves into a house and discovers footage that gives him clues at how the family previously living there was gruesomely murdered.

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