'Friday Night Lights' Movie Based On TV Show Is Being Written, Says Peter Berg

Friday Night Lights"Friday Night Lights" fans, stop your weeping — the show ain't over yet.

Well, the show is over, but the story is looking likely to continue. "Battleship" director Peter Berg, who helmed the "Friday Night Lights" movie some years ago and helped shepherd the critically adored and recently concluded small-screen version, announced during the current TCA press tour that he's working on bringing the televised "FNL" back to movie theaters.

"We're writing a script," he said of the project, according to TV Line. “We’ve been meeting with [fellow 'FNL' EP] Jason Katims for the last couple of weeks. We have a real good script idea. We want to do it. We’re very serious about doing it. We intend to do it.”

And don't worry, the new "Friday Night Lights" movie wouldn't ignore the groundwork established by the TV series. Far from it, in fact; Berg said that this "FNL" adaptation would focus squarely on Coach Taylor and his wife Tami, played on the show by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, with some other new and old faces brought into the mix as well.

"[The] goal would be to focus the film around Kyle and Connie and bring [in] some new characters and then bring in some of our familiar faces," he said. "We have, I think, a really fresh, very original take on it. We’re very serious about wanting to do it… If all goes well, we would shoot it next year at some point.”

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