'Die Hard 5' Heads To Russia With New Directors In Pursuit

Die HardSome good news and some bad news for "Die Hard 5," starting with the bad.

Director Noam Murro has left the movie, leaving the production without a director at the moment. Twitch Film broke the news, saying that Murro's commitment to the upcoming "300" sequel has led him to depart the project.

But Murro's departure comes equipped with a new short list of possible "Die Hard" directors. Deadline has learned that "Attack the Block" director Joe Cornish, "Fast Five's" Justin Lin, "Drive's" Nicolas Winding Refn and "Max Payne's" John Moore are all up for John McClane's latest adventure -- but if the folks at Twitch are to be believed, the job is supposedly Moore's to take or leave.

The last we heard from the man who finds it hard to die, Bruce Willis was still talking to directors about the movie and a whole different set of names were on the table. Still, it's not too late to start filming in 2011 like he had expected.

In other "Die Hard 5" news, Twitch has also learned that for the first time the film franchise will be leaving the country. Production is supposed to be heading to Russia and the large majority of the movie will be shot there. Willis's John McClane will be accompanied by his son (adios Mary Elizabeth Winstead!) and apparently the two of them will be "drawn into a conflict with local forces."

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