'Battleship' Trailer Commentary: 'Blue Crush' Meets 'Armageddon,' Still Awesome

The "Battleship" trailer has invaded theaters and computer screens, and MTV News has a few things to say about it.

By now you've probably seen the trailer in all its Taylor Kitsch-y, Brooklyn Decker-filled glory, but what you haven't seen is the souped-up version featuring expert commentary from MTV Movie Blog head honcho Josh Wigler and MTV News Deputy Managing Editor Eric Ditzian.

Click on the video above to let the hilarity ensue, and then click past the jump to read even more thoughts on the trailer.

Clearly, no topic is off-limits, from Decker being in a role that's very "new" for her to taking Alexander Skarsgård in any capacity that we can to comparing the awesome bubble visual effect to "The Simpsons Movie." The guys thought the trailer could use at bit more Rihanna, and we're going to have to agree, but at least there's a whole lot of awesome action to look forward to.

Ditzian is a bit concerned about the relationship between Decker and Kitsch taking over the movie and detracting from the aliens versus Navy core of the flick, but only time will tell if that is warranted. Still, the trailer has plenty of cool battle sequences with enough homages to the "Battleship" board game to keep us happy. The bottom line? The movie might be "Blue Crush" meets "Armageddon," but we're still looking forward to it.

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