'Cowboys & Aliens' Review: Daniel Craig Rules The West

FROM MTV SPLASH PAGE: "Cowboys & Aliens" gallops into theaters this weekend chased by an armada of gold seeking monsters from space. On the surface, all the ingredients are in place for an all-out wall-to-wall actioner for the books: the director of "Iron Man," the stars of "James Bond" and "Indiana Jones," and a seemingly impossible mash-up of genres. Nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?

Make no mistake, there's a lot to juggle in "Cowboys," and Jon Favreau's task is not an enviable one — so how did he hold up under the pressure? Your mileage may vary, but for this movies writer, I walked away quite pleased with the wild, wild west's suddenly slick space-born sheen.

Check out five reasons you should see "Cowboys" below!

The Man With No Memory

No matter what role or movie he's in, Daniel Craig is one of the most reliably watchable actors in the business. But he takes his badass quota up a few notches in playing Jake Lonergan, a man who wakes up in the desert with a wound on his side, without a memory in his head and a whole lot of questions. Don't expect him to ask nicely, either: Jake's just as likely to punch you in the groin as he is to shut you up with one look from that cool, icy gaze. Lonergan is one of the great Daniel Craig roles, and it's a character I'd love to see explored further somewhere down the line.

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