'Logan's Run' Script Expected By Christmas, Says Director

by Danica Davidson

The original “Logan’s Run,” a sci-fi story about people being killed once they reach the age of thirty, is in the process of being remade under the watchful eyes of Danish writer and director Nicolas Winding Refn. This time around people are getting killed off at the age of twenty-one, and Ryan Gosling stars as the lead.

Wanting to know what the next step is to get Logan up and running, MTV News spoke with Refn at San Diego Comic-Con last week. According to him, the script is still being worked on. “Logan’s unknown run,” he joked.

The director is going to be working on another movie in February, but that doesn’t mean this science fiction tale has been bumped aside. Far from it, in fact -- Refn expects the script to be finished by the end of the year.

“I promised Warner Brothers that I would try to have a script by Christmas this year,” he revealed. “But it’s very tricky because there’s no point in going on and doing such a big movie if you’re not absolutely sure that it’s going to work.”

In other words, before any further steps can be made, Refn and his team have to get the script right.

“That means I have to figure out the world and understand the world,” he went on. “It’s in process.”

Still, it sounds as if it’s a difficult premise to tackle.

“Logan is slowly jogging along the way,” Refn cracked. “He may walk a little.”

Refn also affirmed that Ryan Gosling is still going to be, as he puts it, “My Logan.”

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