Five Reasons You Need To See 'Attack the Block'

attack the blockWe're more than a little obsessed with "Attack the Block," which crash-lands in theaters today. The film has been a massive hit with UK audiences, and it won the midnight feature award at SXSW this year, along with the best narrative audience award at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival. We're also willing to bet that at least one of your friends (or favorite movie writers - ehem) nabbed an early ticket and has gone on to extoll the many virtues of this righteously rowdy action/sci-fi/horror flick. Dark horse contender for best summer blockbuster? Believe!

Sure, there are comparisons to be made regarding the vintage aspect of director Joe Cornish's narrative, which follows a young London-based street gang as they defend their housing complex from an infestation of the otherworldly sort. There's a smattering of Spielberg, a dash of Dante at play…but, truly, that just scratches the surface.

Lest you remain unconvinced about the awesome that is "Attack the Block," we'll acquiesce in that G.I. Joe sorta way: knowing is half the battle. So here's what you need to know to get your butt in a seat this weekend. 88 minutes later, you'll emerge an official Blockhead. Trust.

The Kids

The antagonists-turned-protagonists of "Attack the Block" are a lovably motley crew. To put things in perspective: they'd run circles around "The Goonies" and the "Stand by Me" boys. Led by Moses (the fantastically charismatic John Boyega), the kids are full of hilarity and heart, plus they straight-up kick ass. And did we mention that Nick Frost co-stars as a drug dealer? So there's that, too.

The Creatures

No spoilers here, just the promise that the design of the aliens is deceptively simple, completely menacing and hella original. Watch the "Block" crew chat about the aliens here:

The Creators

This may be Joe Cornish's directorial debut, but he's been a long-time collaborator with Edgar Wright (who co-produced the film), so it's pretty safe to say that if you're a fan of "Hot Fuzz," "Shaun of the Dead," or "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," you're gonna be on board with "Attack the Block."

The Super-Catchy One-Liners

Getting sick of hearing all those in-the-know-it-alls dropping "Believe!" and "Allow it!" bombs into random conversation like it's some kind of inside joke? We hate to break it to ya, but that's because IT IS AN INSIDE JOKE. So now's your chance - get with the jargon!

The Jump Scares

There are some masterfully-crafted scenes of tension at play in "Attack the Block," so bring a date (if snuggling is your thing), a friend (if you're worried about acting a fool in front of someone you actually want to impress), or your teddy bear (if your sanity - and not your social status - is all that truly matters).

Have you seen "Attack the Block" yet? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!