'Tower Heist' Trailer: Ben Stiller And Eddie Murphy Seek Revenge

Lock up your vaults: a "Tower Heist" is upon us!

Maybe it's the return of Casey Affleck's deadpan humor that I'm feeling, or maybe it's the excitement about Eddie Murphy returning to the buddy-crime genre, but there's something about the new trailer that Yahoo! premiered that I can totally get behind. The cast, which includes Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda and Gabourey Sidibe, certainly helps.

The premise of "Tower Heist" is both familiar and original: a bunch of working stiffs at a hotel find out that the owner of the building lost all their money in a Ponzi scheme, and now they're out to take revenge. But if "Tower Heist" delivers on the funny that is teased in the trailer, it could end up being much more than that.

There's something about the chemistry between longtime comedians Stiller, Broderick and Murphy that gets us really excited, and, as long as that chemistry is evident in the film as well as the trailer, then "Tower Heist" could have something very special. It's what made "Ocean's Eleven" a success where other crime comedies have failed, and hopefully director Brett Ratner ("Rush Hour") and eight writers hired for the movie will have created something legitimately funny.

It's also nice to see someone out there getting revenge for a Ponzi scheme, especially against as worthy a villain as one played by Alan Alda. We're sure Stiller and the rest of his gang will take Alda's Arthur Shaw down in the end, but as of now we're just excited about the ride that will get us there.

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