New 'Fright Night' Trailer Digs Teeth Into This Week's Horror Bites

Hardcore "Fright Night" fans have had mixed reactions since the new trailer for the vampire remake debuted earlier this year. The horror comedy's original cast has some big shoes to fill – especially where the roles of fanged fiend Jerry Dandridge and vampire killer extraordinaire Peter Vincent are concerned. DreamWorks' new international trailer has arrived and gives us a better look at some of our principal players – namely Charlie's (Anton Yelchin) idol and partner in staking, the new Peter Vincent ("Dr. Who's" David Tennant) who is now a Las Vegas magician instead of a horror TV host.

The trailer also delivers more on the horror front – opening like a snarky comedy before it digs into the dark stuff. Colin Farrell seems to fit the bill as the sexy and scary vamp that retaliates against Charlie for being a nosy neighbor. When the high schooler and his horror-obsessed pal Evil Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) start to spy on the undead activity happening next door, Jerry goes after Charlie's family (Toni Collette), his girlfriend (Imogen Poots), and eventually the teenager himself.

Check out the trailer and let us know if you think the remake can stand up to the original. Take a bite out of the rest of this week's horror news after the jump.

Eli Roth's "Hostel" Becomes a Hollywood Haunted Maze

Universal Studios Hollywood puts on one hell of a show for the Halloween season. The name brand studio created Halloween Horror Nights, in which their dedicated team of experts crafts a live Halloween nightmare by recreating various scenes from your favorite horror films. No detail is left behind – this is a fully dimensional experience that plops you in the middle of movies with haunted houses, "scare zones," and live entertainment. This year horror fans will get to immerse themselves in the world of Eli Roth's "Hostel," for a twisted and torture-filled maze they're calling "Hostel: Hunting Season." Re-creating locations in Slovakia, the maze will take you through various scenes from the film while Elite Hunting members (the secret society in the movie who kill American tourists) will lurk around every corner to prey on visitors. The maze opens September 23 and runs through October 31.

Clive Owen Trades Action for Horror in New "Intruders" Trailer

You may remember Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's name from directing the "28 Days Later" sequel, which didn't suck. He's teaming up with Clive Owen for his latest film, "Intruders," which puts the action-savvy star in a horror role as a British family man desperate to save his little girl from demons. While Owen's family suffers at the hands of the haunting menace, a similar dark force is simultaneously terrorizing a Spanish family. Owen is used to being cast in the role as hero. Do you think he'll be able to hold his own for a haunting flick?

"Shaun of the Dead's" Simon Pegg Has "A Fantastic Fear of Everything"

Funny man Simon Pegg in a new horror-comedy? Not a shocker, but "A Fantastic Fear of Everything" is promising more than just the average scares. The new film is being described as a "psycho comedy," pitting Pegg against himself as a neurotic children's author who becomes obsessed with Victorian serial killers while he attempts to complete a crime novel. Paranoia takes over his life and a nervous breakdown forces him to face his worst fears. Pegg's quirky humor will certainly bring the A-game, but other weirdsies will surely come from directors Chris Hopewell and Crispian Mills who both have musical backgrounds for bands like Radiohead, The Killers, and Kula Shaker. Are you digging the way this one sounds so far?

Nicolas Cage Catches a Killer on "Frozen Ground"

Nicolas Cage may be flashing the creeper eye and his amazing hair for the serial killer thriller "The Frozen Ground." Cage will star alongside John Cusack for the true crime tale about Alaska's most notorious serial killer who abducted 24 women over a 12-year span, flew them into the woods, and hunted them for his own amusement. Nice guy! That role will go to Cusack if he's game, while Cage will possibly tackle the role of a State Trooper who rescues one of Robert Hansen's victims and sets out to catch the psychopath. Can you picture Cage begging the studio for the part of the madman – or to tackle a grizzly bear – during contract negotiations? Stay tuned for more as this one develops.

New "Tales From the Crypt" On Your TV Soon?

We're a movies blog, but sometimes a TV project pops up that is too tasty for us to resist. Besides, "Tales From the Crypt" made for some fun films ("Bordello of Blood," "Demon Knight," etc.) based on the classic horror comic series. Deadline is reporting that the producer of the original HBO series (that ran from 1989 to 1996) wants to develop " … an ongoing series that uses characters from the comic books in a more modern context. It's all about continually elevating the genre, for both existing fans of the source material and mainstream audiences." He'll be working with Andrew Cosby of Syfy's "Eureka" fame to pitch a version of the show for networks and another for cable. Our vote is for cable so the gore and naughty bits can be enjoyed freely.

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