Harry Potter's New Nemesis: David Copperfield!

The Boy Who Lived is now officially the Boy Who Retired, having long ago completed his adventures in novel form and just this month finishing his epic eight-film journey.

But even with He Who Must Not Be Named out of the picture, don't think that Harry Potter is without enemies in his world. In fact, a new nemesis has emerged to challenge the boy wizard and his magical popularity — though, in fairness, this guy is no Lord Voldemort.

None other than real-life magician David Copperfield has thrown down the proverbial gauntlet against Mr. Potter in an all-new (and all-hilarious) video from Funny or Die. Copperfield wants to make it known that there is no greater wizard, and that all of the Chosen One's most prominent magical antics have their roots in Copperfield's work.

"Everything in that 'Potter' series was stolen from my life, and I can prove it," the impassioned Copperfield tells the camera. "Harry Potter's invisibility cloak? I invented it in '83. Potter had a disappearing train. Hm… how original. Harry studied at Hogwarts. Well, so did I — Craig Hogwart's At Home College For Magic And TV/VCR Repair."

The list goes on and on and on, with Copperfield closing his message by sending Potter a cease and desist order by way of certified owl. We're sure this isn't the last we'll hear from Potter's new nemesis, so stay tuned as more develops.

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