J.J. Abrams Closes In On Directing 'Star Trek 2'

Star Trek 2FROM MTV MOVIES: Trekkies and J.J. Abrams fans alike can rejoice, for the "Super 8" director is at long last close to committing to helm "Star Trek 2." Now that Abrams can no longer use his stock answer — "The truth is that my focus has been so much on finishing 'Super 8'" — to avoid giving any "Star Trek 2" updates, Deadline has confirmed that he is working with the flick's writers and is close to committing to direct the sequel to his hit "Star Trek" reboot.

This must have been the "announcement" Abrams promised MTV News would be coming "soon" back at the "Super 8" premiere in June. But it also means that the film will miss its intended June 29, 2012, release date.

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