'Battleship' Trailer Fires All Of The Weapons

Big news, guys: Peter Berg just sunk your "Battleship."

The trailer for the "Hancock" director's latest big-budget action spectacle, this time based on the classic strategy board game everyone knows and loves, has just opened fire on the web. First premiering at Yahoo, the "Battleship" trailer delivers more carnage and chaos than one might expect from the relatively spectacle free board game — but hey, it's Hollywood. Explosions are par for the course!

Based on what we see in the "Battleship" trailer, the film's plot looks fairly clear: young naval officer Alex Hopper, played by Taylor Kitsch, is in a heated but secret relationship with a beautiful woman (Brooklyn Decker) who just so happens to be the daughter of Hopper's superior officer Admiral Shane, played by the eternally badass Liam Neeson. To say that the admiral disapproves of his subordinate is an understatement, but maybe he'll whistle a different tune when our young hero is forced to save the day from weird alien robot ships that emerge from the ocean and threaten to blow up, well, everything.

The only solution? According to Neeson: fire all of the weapons. That's good advice for most alien invasion scenarios, really.

Trying to reserve judgment until I see something a bit more substantial, but for now, I'm hard-pressed to disagree with the good folks over at Screen Rant: this looks like "Transformers 4," for better or for worse.

What do you think of the "Battleship" trailer? Looks like fun, or completely ridiculous? Give us your take in the comments section and on Twitter!